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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 9, 2018 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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glrchts thanks to the best team in business right here, in sphrik right to stuart varney we go. thank you maria i'll take it thanks very much indeed. crimson tide won, the president took field for anthem and crowd roared it was an american celebration. all right good morning everyone. awe, what a game it was. it went to overtime, alabama beat the georgia bulldogs with a dramatic touchdown pass by their stand-in quarterback what a game it was a win for college football where there are no anthem style protest a win for patriot american who is saw flag respected, and the president was cheered as he put his hand on his heart. on the field -- trump's base is very much with
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him on this one. and the trump stock rally will hold it rolls on look like we'll open above 25,300 on the dow a half hour from now. the s&p nasdaq, both will open at new record highs. so just sit become and marvel at what's happening. the most explosive stock rally in modern times continues the list of companieses offering tax savings to employees now runs to 15 pages i've got the list right here. and the president strides across the country feeding on the support of his base. [laughter] and some democrats turn to oprah to save the party. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪
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>> now there he is, our president on the field of the college football playoff championship game, he stood for the anthem and crowd went wild. come on in ashley you're the sports guy here. >> that was, a great game to start with. and it was an american celebration. everything you want i do a championship game to be. you know, donald trump i'm still read about all of the criticism of trump today didn't know the words of the national anthem had a thousand yard stare guy can't do anything. what a game it was a true celebration. alabama coming back in the -- true freshman quarterback thrown in to bring team back and he gets it done with overtime quarterback pass amazing. you know what more could you want? better than the nfl i have to e tell you. >> i bet you cannot pronounce
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the naiflt stand-in quarterback -- [laughter] not going to try it. head and shoulders above nfl all right everyone that's sport and politics i guess now move on to money. stock futures trump rally rolls on and by the way president know it is it. listen to this. >> i told you. the stock market is hitting one all time record after another. boost your 401(k) and retirement about thes for everyday americans everybody happy with your 401(k)? [applause] because if you're not, there's something very wrong. he spoke it a police officer who told him that his 401(k) was up 39%. and police officers wife said you're an investment genius i thought -- [laughter] senator john kennedy republican
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from louisiana is with us. the criticism here is that it is on the rich who benefit from the stock market rally. what's your response to that mr. senator? >> that's nonsense, this -- something of 90% of the members of the middle-class and our country will get a pay rise it say nothing about doubling the standard deduction. i mean, this bill is going to help every american, every american business. look i think what's going on with the stock market is great. but equally is important in the fact is a fact that you're going to see wages go up. we've already started to see it as a business grow e they have more people. that's, that puts pressure on wages. frankly my biggest concern -- about all of this and i don't to overstate this. but i don't to see the economy overheat. i just think it is a great bill. >> i've got a list here, it is
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15 pages long tightly scripted of all of the companies who have offered bo u us in and wage increase because of the tax cuts for business. now the left is saying, it is peanuts it is nothing. it's just window dress to look good for the president. why don't you respond to that? >> well that's what the left says, and they can't say anything else because they know that this bill is a good bill. it's working, and it is going to work even better. the stock market is a pretty good predictor of the future. and if the stock market anticipated a slowing in growth it would be going down, instead it is going up. you know, the democrats say what they always say. i mean their latest gig is to have oprah run for presidents and look, this is america. you can -- you can run if you want to. i hear i shaar lee sheen is too. >> a soundbite from diamond top
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banker here's what he's got to say about the goody and benefits of business tax cuts. roll tape. >> a hugest advantage, an you're going to see companies increase wages and -- bunch of stuff like that or one time bonus and we may announce some time later. but overtime that retain capital will be used to grow businesses and hire people, wages, competition. and over tile there will be very good for america. >> senator kennedy jamie is a democrat -- do you know any democrat senators who think the same way? >> i think there are some senators who think the same way. but they're not going to say anything. i was disappointed stuart that we didn't get a few democratic votes. i understand why the democratic base has white hot irrational hatred or for the president and the republican party and it doesn't matter what we do if it is good for america, bad doesn't matter.
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the democrats will not even consider it for political reasons and i think that's a shame. >> senator hold on for a second i have to get to another and come back to you in a couple of minutes, the trump administration is ending the protective staff for 200,000 who have been here in america for close on two decades. judge napolitano is with us now i'm not concerned about legal aspect of this as moral aspects. i think america is a big and generous country and we're going to afford to let them stay. >> i wish the president of the united states agrees with yop few law legally he does have a decision and congress has too much power in the hands of the president to uproot people like this and as i see it there's no reason for this other than maybe ideological purity and -- compliance with campaign promises for him to do it these are not people who are -- reliant upon social well pair and these are not people who are committing crimes just dis
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prognat to those in the population. but mainly people in early to mid-20s who came here with children like president obama people identified them dreamers and they have become american and some have married american and children are american so this type of uprooting 200,000 people and their relatives is going to be catastrophic for them and for the economic basis of which they're a part. >> isn't it a strategy, a tactic apply this, an you put pressure on the democrats, look what happens if you guys qoangt let us build the wall and chain migration and end lottery they have to go it is your fault. >> you want o to have a moral conversation how o immoral to treat people if they are pawnses in a political negotiation this has struck terror in the hearts of -- these people as well as in the government which won't know what to do if 200,000 people flood the country. >> but maybe had is how ow we finally get an immigration deal if. you build the wall and these
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people stay. maybe that's the the deal. and certainly puts pressure on the democrats. >> certainly does put pressure on the the democrats but pressure that puts on he's individuals almost all of whom are fully americanized like the person to whom i am speaking and actually i'm smiling now >> do you think i'm americanized? >> you are. you've announced the clean -- [laughter] ask my close relative pps >> to tie a bow on this this can't happen overnight and damage to human heart and to the economy if a president follows through on this will be catastrophic. >> judge thanks very much. please join us again in the 11:00 hour. >> of course. okay. i want to go back to senator kennedy now, sir, you're opposed to a gun control bill that toughens background checks and i believe threatens federal agencies which don't profit report their work is criminal offenses now why do you oppose
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that bill? >> you're correct there's a new gun bill in front of the senate. and the the house. i don't think we need more gun control but more idiot control and here's what the background check said it's law and i support it. if you've committed a felony if you've committed domestic violation and illegal alien and mentally ill it you have a dishonorable discharge from military you're not entitled to own a gun and i support that. the issue is how to enforce it and this new bill kills state and federal bureaucrats that will give you more money and will ask is you pretty please with sugar on top if you'll start reporting to the marble database. and not reporting this stuff but that happened in sutherland heights, texas, i think that the state and federal and he have incentive called a job -- and the problem with this place
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is stuart nobody ever gets fired and i don't support throwing more money at this problem and i support firing the people into the database. direct them to the point of impact and we appreciate that. come in and see you again soon. thank you senator. back to your money looks like we do have a very strong open for the market at record highs once again. up about 60 points from the dow industrials now check this one out. cisco you know a high end electric car maker showing off latest consumer vehicle a killer feature many this one, nine minutes of charge time gets you 150 miles in range. that's ceo coming up. i've got that. he's on the approach later this hour. memo leaked that says if democrats want to win elections, they'll need the dreamers votes. you'll see it. and check this out i can't believe this. video from maine so cold on
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sunday that guy was spotted ice skating on the frozen sea on the beach. look at -- wow. it was cold more varney after this. to most, he's phil mickelson pro golfer.
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visit and use the joint damage simulator to see how your joint damage could be progressing. ask about enbrel. enbrel. fda approved for over 14 years. and the stock is in the news to go up, target it says holiday sales were strong both for its stores brick-and-mortar and online up about 4% big deal. twitter and fox sports teaming up from the 2018 fifa world cup that meanses you'll be able to watch world cup soccer games this summer on twitter. twitter stock up a fraction on that. now, yesterday i spoke to florida congressman matt gaetz drill off coast of florida he opposes it and reason wasn't what you might expect. roll tape. >> largest air force base is the air force base in my district and it is a critical area for
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this type of testing ammunition so in florida today we've been able to achieve great balance of prosperity with a military mission that contributes 10% of the entire gdp to state of florida oblg we've got the environmental impacts of it that are very favorable to our state but most importantly we've got to ensure we don't vend surrender capability to never get back. j joining now is chris stewart republican from utah he's an air force guy. congressman, how do you respond to matt good faith he's basically saying you dot offshore drilling, you can't do the missile testing from the air force base. what do you say? >> well thanks for calling me and i was air force guy nicest g you've ever said to me i was an air force pilot i have flown this this range. and -- you know, i'm not sure we were
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interfered, of course, that wasn't happening within range. >> i think drilling doesn't have to take place specifically within the range. it is a large area but there's lots of areas that are available i think we can do both and i think that should be our policy to try to do both. >> okay. the center for american progress now that's less lean they circulated a memo calling illegal immigrants brought here at a young age dreamers that they are important to the democrats cause i've got a quote for you it says to fight to protect dreamers is not only moral imperative but also a critical component of the democrat parties future electrical success doesn't this give the president some ammunition some lefnl if the democrat, if the democrats desperately need dreams they have to negotiate for themed good for the president. >> i would think so but this is the right policy and by the way i think we can win dreamers over through the battle of ideas.
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i think that presumption they're dreamers to vote for democrats rest of their lives i think that's nuts. i know that's what democrats are hoping and banking on but we can persuade many the conservative ideas are what's going to be benefit them and their families but i do think this shows a lens -- through which a democrat look at this and it is all politic, it is all about winning elections. and what regardless of what the right policy is, i think many times they view it through more of a political winning election type o of equation. >> qow accept a deal we build the wall we end chain migration and get rid are of the lottery system in return the dreamers say. do you accept that? >> absolutely. absolutely my gosh and why do they have to be separated by the way many saying we won't build a wall if you want to support dreamers which i do and many republicans do if you want to support those who came here as children why in the world would you object to secure our border at the same time? why in the world would you object to doing common sense
9:19 am
other type of reforms in immigration that many -- republicans and in thes been talking about for years? they want the issue of saying we're going to support dreamers but we're not going to do anything else about the problems of immigration makes no sense to me why they take that approach. >> got it congressman republican from utah thanks for joining us sir glad i called you an air force guy. you are an air force guy. >> so is my dad wear my dad's wipings proudly. >> thank you. thanks for coming on the show thank you, sir. >> how about this, would be a big medical break through, there's a pharmaceutical company that is developing a new ownership i did it kill pain and less addictive that won't get you high. weal tell you how it works, after this.
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>> look at these. these are the premarket quotes on stocks done so well recently. look at amazon it is up another $10 well above 1,250 a share. apple alphabet facebook microsoft all on the upside all over again. how about that? then we have the drug maker --
9:24 am
therapeutics working on less addictive opioid that does not get you high joining from out jf morgan conference in san francisco dr. mike, tell us, am i right it kills pain, but it is less addictive and it doesn't get you high is this the break through we've been wait for? >> exactly. stuart this is what is really exciting for us in the health care community because -- et opioid overdose have gone up and this medication works as you said it doesn't affect your brain as much but less what we call cns central nervous system affect and it does a great job at controlling pain and face three study that coil out in september of it this past year showed that exact stat and that's why fda granted them a fast track approval in order to skip doing another phase three trial to repeat it is not addictive is it slightly
9:25 am
addictive or nonaddictive? >> this remains to be signed out found out still what we know now is it is not as addictive as the past ohm i did medications. again there's been one trial done on about 8 00 participates shown significant promise a drastic decrease in potential a drastic decrease in withdrawal that's how they measure the addictive potential of these megs. i have to call that a break through drsm mike thanks for bringing it to us see you again later. >> thank you so much. back to your money is going up again performing nice thank you verify indeed i have a 60-point gain for the dow. four points up from the s&p. 14 on the nasdaq. record highs all across the board dwen, this tuesday o morning. back in a second with the opening bell.
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my "business" was going nowhere... so i built this kickin' new website with godaddy. building a website in under an hour is easy! 68% of people... ...who have built their website using gocentral, did it in... ...under an hour, and you can too. type in your business or idea. pick your favourite design. personalize it with beautiful images.'re done! and now business is booming. harriet, it's a double stitch not a cross stitch! build a better website - in under an hour. free to try. no credit card required. gocentral from godaddy. >> all right, yesterday that would have been monday the dow industrials closed at 25,283. you're right on the bulletten so we're 17 points shy of dow 25,300. my guess hate to do this forecasting is guess work, but i've got a strong belief that come 20 seconds from now dow will above 25,300 because
9:30 am
futures suggest we're up at least 50 points when that bell has finally stopped ringing there you go. [laughter] start of course, and when we finally get some trading down this tuesday morning here we go three seconds to go, and i think the first number you're going to see is 25,300 is it -- is it i'm waiting -- thank you very much indeed ladies and gentlemen. dow all time high up 27 point -- and barely going now 30 points -- there you go, 25,300 we have reached it. how about the s&p 500, i'm looking for a gain of three or four points there. 3.7 point higher that too is an all time record high. frankly i've lohse count i don't know how many record highs we've seen since the election. same story with nasdaq 7,174 a 17 point gain a quarter percent higher that tells me that the technology company is off and
9:31 am
running again so let's look at them microsoft so get us going. look at them all this is how they've opened facebook, amazon microsoft alphabet, apple every big five on the upside this tuesday morning. by the way, we don't need the trumpets for this. but a round of back patting and just raised a target price for microsoft from 100 to 115 dollars per share. loved it. smart so good. [laughter] come on this show why don't you? now american companies they're making good on their tax cut promises. visa, and olive garden parent thereof just two of the latest to make announcements to pass through the tax savings to their employees. both stocks up by the way, who is with me? on this spectacular day and microsoft -- okay.
9:32 am
ashley webster and elizabeth macdonald scott is over will, and meek murphy is over here. peferl to you scott we've got now a million people, a million workers who are tboipg to get higher wages or bonuses as a direct result of the tax cut. i call that stimulus? is it? >> lower taxes that's a double stimulus to people and like i said before you know what for those who think it is immoral turn down that tax cut and those who think bonuses are immoral don't take bonus given by your employer these are i too of things when you treat businesses well they do to their employees what's something that is one of the -- 100% trump has been tiebl change that slents and i think it is fantastic one of the hardest things to change by the way and long may is live. >> isn't nancy pelosi chuck schumer didn't they all get biblical. fnlings saying 84 millions will
9:33 am
face a tax increase because for individuals are not perm assistant and may, may go back up by six or seven eight years. ening collapse in the economy but is happening -- thin read he hasn't seen this much optimism in small businesses in u.s. in over 50 years since they've been doing the read. 401(k) you talked about this earlier with senator kennedy i think it was. but show the rich of benefit prg this monk rally 54 million have active 401(k) do you think they're all of the top 1% no they're workers who are benefiting from this market rile rally you look at the value up tremendously amazing thing to watch. so to see investment grow like that. 43 americans have an ira54 million have a 401(k) so, obviously, there's overlap. that doesn't acute eye on patron
9:34 am
plan >> so include that in 100 million. 100 million people. >> can't argue request those nurls that's wonderful stuff. now this, producing line of bathroom appliances that work with -- a.m. amazon alexa how many people here want a voice connected bathroom? lizzy? >> mine will yell at me brush your teeth brush your hair. isn't this about contest of voice connected assistance and contest is between amazon echo and google's home. who is winningsome? >> they both are. you have the consumer as ultimate winner here the stuart smart home is changing way some people don't love them i'm aware. but for the most part, the smart home is making peel's lives easier you have technology -- startup. if so hard to figure out and run. it's annoying.
9:35 am
certain generation -- careful. i'm a newer generation by the way. [laughter] smart home. may i explain to our viewers a conversation that took place just a moment ago. i've moved into a new house and i've got this hinge called nest in the house. okay, it is a little dial on the wall where you supposed to control the heating, cooling, fan this, and that and other i cannot figure out how to work this thing i almost took a hammer to it. i do not like voice connected little machines in any house you've got that murphy? >> i got it took you a while to adapt to iowa iphone but you understand you did you're happy you did. >> you're trying to calm me down. i'll move on. apple developing tools to help stop kids from abusing phones. this is ridiculous what's apple supposed to do? we're told that kids are addicted to phones, what's apple supposed to do --
9:36 am
>> it starts in the home kids need phones that's the world we live in they're connected through -- to school on e-mail to teachers so up to parents to protect their children to oversee what they're doing on the phone. >> why only go after apple and qhab app creator remember people who were in the 50s and 60s worried about rock 'n' roll to beatles effecting young tv and a comic book effects people. the parents -- don't give your kid a e phone if they're ten years old. what's next government warnings class action lawsuits? >> ashley -- apple already has in place parental controls that can, you know, guide -- children on what apps they can access what service and con tengt they can be exposedded to what more can apple do? at some point parents have to take responsibility. it's that question in my day people were worried about you got too close to the tv you ruin your eyesight. scott i hear you. get in please. >> yeah, i'm flabbergasted as
9:37 am
well parents not being parents that's the biggest problem here that apple can't do anything about. but let's talk about all of the lives that people -- that have been saved because of the phone all of the crimes that have been solved because of the phones. all of the thirn that were found because they have phone on and gps track and god thing that apple phones have done and this is what they get in trouble for -- >> even though you're in london you're talking good sense check that big board with a nice gain ladies and gentlemen now up 61 points, 25,345. we better check bit coin here we go. 14,000 per bitcoin as we speak. by the way, interesting story today about north koreans hack hadding into another kind of bitcoin another crypto currency hacked into it starting christmas eve. target holiday sales strong stores and online up 3% interesting for a retailer. look at american eying the outfitters sales rose up during
9:38 am
holidays not good enough the stock is down what, 4% american eagle outfitters. urban outfitters reported a decline in same store sales over holiday they grew and stock it up 5.5%. microsoft -- let me repeat up and raised its target price to 115 a share. from -- a little late on the trumpet from 100 a share. the stock is down 18 cents i can live with it. staying man who coined the term retail ice age told us he's expecting 12,000 store closures next year. this year i should say 2018, 9,000 retail 3,000 strawngts that's a pretty bleak picture is it not? scott what are you going to say? >> i think we've had had 1500s in the beginning of the year anyway that's a good number going forward, and unfortunately if you look at online retailers stuart amazon is so far out in
9:39 am
front of even top five it is amazon 95 billion again and i say next one up we've talked about on the show is apple at 16 billion so 95 to 16 billion from one to two, and then we have got around 14 and 12. so there's still so much work to be done with a lot of e default last year and more default expected this year so it is going to be a rough year for retailers. >> number could be understated and reading doesn't report store closing and also companies rather retails let leases expoir they quietly go away. i'm just concerned and thinking that maybe that number may be understated. >> walk down main street u through the mall and they're not doing well. last one. >> if you look at retail speck strum like home depot are doing phenomenal so winner and there are losers some who have figured out how to bring you into the store where you go don't go to amazon for that product to continue to do well because the consumer is going to spend
9:40 am
money. >> report this on red robin to offset midge minimum wage hikes by eliminating busboy at 570 restaurants. >> that's what you get. what you get -- my goodness me. of course it is a business they can't afford to lose money so if they're forced to increase the wage withs they're paying pay fewer workers. >> it was. this was the way it is. where do you are start? and exactly that time and i'm afraid i have to say good-bye to scott in london and murphy in new york good service thank you gentleman we've got a 67 point gain for the dow industrials let it outs 25,350 -- [laughter] 350. how about that? next case, top secret military spacecraft using one of spacex rocketses report of the crashing into the sea not a great start of the year but elon musk's
9:41 am
spacex company how about this? new electric car from fistconclusive a plug many for nine minuteses to drive 125, the range at the nine minutes of charges. found out how much it is going to cost, of a this.
9:42 am
9:43 am
>> the high of the day up u 25,353, identify got to tell you there's an all time high on the dow, the s&p, nasdaq and the russell all indicators up today. listen to this one. toyota and pizza hut teaming up to make a self-driving cars that would deliver pizza. all right nick coal explain it all, please. >> don't you love it one of my gment pleasures is pizza i love pizza and if i can get it in some way a self-driving vehicle to bring it to me great this is
9:44 am
all about toyota motors at the consumer electronic show. self-drive vehicles is a number one topic there, this year, and this is about an e pallet concept from toyota they'll have three sizes plus size, also a smaller type of vehicle that will run on the sidewalk so they'll have the bus, schultz a smaller delivery to run on the sidewalk. what's going to happen but on the sidewalk with the pizza to be. i don't know i don't understand it 100%. but this is what they're working on you have to wait until the 2020s to get this. >> i can wait. thanks very much nicole good stuff thank you very much. now how about this one? an american spy satellite launched by spacex a total loss it happen haded -- >> spacecraft did not separate from the rocket according to reports this happened on sunday night at cape canaveral censored a live stream censored, spacex was in on the rocket north
9:45 am
provided a satellite so to blame game is now on. why did it fail? there's conflicting reports that burn up and spaes and bun june coming back down senate and house lawmakers now being briefed on failure of this possibly 1 billion asset. >> spacex is run basically operated by elon musk. >> highly secretive don't know what sating light wases for. >> got it thanks lizzy. imaginage an electric car that can go 150 miles after a nine-minute charge this electric car would come from fiska it joins us now unveiling this today in the sarai embays show, correct? >> that's correct very excited. >> do you have to have special technology can i just plug into any wall socket to get any nine minute charge or to i need special technology?
9:46 am
nine min you need special technology but charge a car like you can today so we offer both variation. >> how much nor the nine minute charge how much? >> so it starts at 129,000 but we with have a lot of other goodie of technology we have five and autonomist driving and new type of luxury interior butter fly doors, 400 mile range, 775 horse poir so definitely is a luxury car that moves fast. and we also are showing battery technology that talked to you stuart about last time and this tame i brought it with me solid state battery technology that allow to charge in one minute and get 700 mile into our vehicle. >> i have to repeat that joust held up a new battery system. and you're telling me that a one minute charge gets you a 500
9:47 am
mile range with that brand new technology. have i got that right? and by the way, when am i going to see this and see that and buy into it? >> well we're looking to get this on the markets already many the end of this year in consumer products. in cars that is probably after 2020 because we immediate to set up, obviously, a large supply chain talk to -- battery makers to help us get this into a high volume production which is not an easy feet. so it is got sometime before we gets into our car, but we are going to set up pilot production line this year for smaller batteries in consumer products. >> so henry you're telling me that this -- that had the break through is there. we're now in a position or some point po of the very near tiewch to recharge very quickly to get a long range for the car. with there that's what you're telling me. this battery is here and show it not just talk about it.
9:48 am
and here it is. thanks -- look, look it is fascinating that looks to me like a break through i just want to be sure that i -- when i'm going to see it and how much i'm going to pay for it you're a good man thanks for joining us we appreciate it i know you have more to say but i have to run. we'll see you again soon. thank you. i have to go become to the market because yet again -- we're with accomplishing new highs across board here. that dow is up 70 points it an even split between winners and losers among dow 30 now up 71, 72, 25,354 is where we are who would have thought a democrat me know obtained by "the daily caller" shows why dreamers are important to the left is because of the votes, of course. that's next. w i'm thinking... i'd like to retire early. oh, that's great sarah. let's talk about this when we meet next week.
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how did edward jones come to manage a trillion dollars in assets under care? jay. sarah. so i have a few thoughts on that early retirement... by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours.
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so call now. remember, medicare supplement plans help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. you'll be able to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. >> the rally holds, big board, the dow, the s&p, the nasdaq the ruses l all of them at all time record highs the dow convincingly crossing 25,300 and now this the left leaning center for american progress, has circulated a memo calling illegal immigrants brought here when younger important to democrat cause, why well here's the quote, if democrats don't
9:53 am
try to do everything in their power to defend dreamers they will jeopardize democrats electrochances in 2018 and beyond. in short the next few weeks is there tell us a lot about the democrat party and its long-term electroprospects. joining us mark short, white house legislative affairs and president trump on leverage because if the dreamers have important to democrats surely they will give way to allow qawl to be built allow end of chain migration and end lottery this is very much in favor of the president isn't it? well stuart yes i think docker recipients are important to us let's keep in mind as you set your intro, these are poem who get work permits even though their parents came here illegally and age 16 to 36 mainstream media wants to portray as young children and people 16 to 36 work permits we want to find a solution for them
9:54 am
too. but what i don't understand to democrat position to say we're imoig to shutdown government we're going to stop funding our troops and we're not worried about national security need to get funded until we solve a situation on illegal immigration. the president put forward is proposal and for months ago about things who were asking for and congress yet to provide us with alternative so today president will bringing to the a bipartisan group of house and senate members to make progress on this issue. >> is he going to push the issue build the wall end chain migration and lottery to figure out how to get dreamers to stay that's the bottom line of a deal, isn't it? >> that's a good synopsis that's the president's position and again with we talk about physical barrier this is something that the professionals that say they need these are career officers something that is 74 senate democrats voted in border security including barrier and 2016 that chuck schumer voted for they've
9:55 am
already voted to do these things and politicizing now crump is president but needed from the security of our country. now the president wants the 200,000 who have been here for what 16, with 17 years, they want them to leave. now is that a bargaining chip? saying to the democrats look if you don't play ball with us, those people have to leave. now is it as crude as that a bargaining chip? >> it's in the a bar dwanning chip reality is what's happened in several countries also including haiti, we've provided protection and temporary protective status. 18 month status that have on for decades and there was a hurricane in 1999 for which we're providing to them protective status and from the earthquake this in 2001. somewhere in haiti in 2010, so these parties have gone on opinion for years and years and what we're asking is congress find a better solution. we can't continue to sit here to provide temporary protective status for something that
9:56 am
happened 17 years ago. >> it would be a political disaster, though, if you threw them out, and we've got cameras that will go to the home of the salvador thrown out with screaming wive and children wouldn't look would it? >> that is why the secretary provided additional 18 months reprieve to find a solution for it. it was a very sensitive solution that they provided to give more time for congress to find a solution. >> okay mark short at white house thanks for being with us on a important subject. yes, sir. check those big tech names again please -- earlier, microsoft did hit an all time high but it has retreated. and so most of the rest almost amazon is up $4. another all time high for amazon and jeff bezos real time net worth according the "forbes" -- billionaire list is -- 105.2 billion dollars. gosh. now this for a matchup. president trump versus oprah
9:57 am
020, a democrat base is lit up about what and a get my take on that, momentses from now.
9:58 am
. . let's begin.
9:59 am
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looks like we have a couple seconds left. let's do some card twirling twirling cards e*trade. the original place to invest online. stuart: ah, the moment she made that speech at the golden flex awards the democrat base just lit up. oprah for president. oprah 2020. oh, please, oprah, run! let's call it hope and desperation. it is the democrats great hope, a viable candidate to take on donald trump. oprah has name recognition. she knows business. she made a million dollars. she reaches across racial lines. she is a great communicator. that is huge plus when you know how to use television but there is desperation too. simply put, the democrats do not have a strong bench. joe biden, bernie sanders? both in their late 70s. is america really ready for a socialist?
10:01 am
senator elizabeth warren, is america ready for northeastern socialist with a history of falsely playing the race card? not sure. senators kamala harris, cory booker, virtual unknowns, very little experience. don't even think about hillary clinton. she's done. now, if oprah does run, there is the problem of policy. when donald trump rode down the golden escalator to announce his candidacy he immediately laid out a specific plan. build a wall, cut taxes, grow the economy. what would oprah stand for? a car for everyone? look, i know i'm being facetious, you get the point. if she runs against trump, the tax cutter, will she be oprah, the tax-raiser? don't know. oprah, the open borders humanitarian? don't know. but her candidacy would have to develop very specific policies. there is another problem with her running t would encourage the view that politics has become a giant reality show.
10:02 am
entertaining yes, but. there would however be a positive. the news media. the ratings for trump versus clinton were big. the ratings for trump versus oprah would be huge. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: happening now, or at least very shortly, speaker ryan and the leadership will hold the weekly conference. this is the house's first day in session of 2018. if they make headlines, you will hear it here first. the rally paired a little, we were up 70. now we're up 46. do check amazon and microsoft. earlier today, both of them hit all-time record highs. but they have retreated from there, although amazon is still up three bucks.
10:03 am
here are other stocks hitting all-time highs. caterpillar, walmart, boeing, johnson & johnson, all-time highs. they retreated a little, all-time highs for that group too. target near a one-year high after announcing holiday sales were strong both in stores and online. that stock is up close to 3%. go l gopro down another day, second day in a road. it received multiple downgrades after it announced it is getting out of the drone business. under armour, downgrade from susquehanna, citing poor brand management. down it goes. t-mobile added 5 million customers in 2017. fourth year in a low. the market likes it. back to my editorial, top of the hour. president trump in my opinion, could face a real challenge from oprah winfrey. joining us fox news contributor steve cortes. now you're a trump guy. i think oprah would give him a
10:04 am
fight. what say you? >> listen, i think it is very possible but i think only real answer is i don't know. frankly because i don't know what oprah believes. i do know this. she lives in a world of absolute media adoration. i think that would change very quickly were she to get into the business of politics. they wouldn't be quite so adoring of her. i think the more important point to your point earlier about the weakness of the democratic bench, face it, when you look at biden, warren,, you see a lot of tired old washington swamp rats. i'm not surprised some democrats are yearning for an outsider. i will tell you this, stuart, regarding 2020, if donald trump has three more years like year he had amazing success, he could run against a combined ticket of jesus and virgin mary and would still win in 2020. stuart: i like the introduction of swamp rats, addition of rats is quite significant. i want to talk about the markets, up again today. everybody's talking about the
10:05 am
possibility of a pullback. of course there will be a pullback at some point. my question to you, steve is, when the pullback occurs, should we buy it, buy the dip? >> yes, yes. emphatically. will a pullback occur at some point? of course it will. with will cause it? i don't know. it could be political events or north korea. i'm expecting only an exogenous event at this point because the fundamentals are so good for the economy. when the pullback occurs i think it's a pullback to buy. economically it is morning again in america. there is a new sheriff in town. he believes in deregulation, tax cuts and optimism in the country is absolutely palpable. we can make america grow again. stuart: steve in my hand, i'm waving it, i have 15 pages of tightly-scripted, a list of all companies in the america which have given back it employees some of the gains from the tax cut plan. it seems to me that businesses
10:06 am
are really coming through. any complaints? >> oh, gosh, quite the opposite, stuart, no. isn't it wonderful. a lot got in time for holidays what a wonderful christmas present. more contributions to charity, more contributions to retirement plans. visa announced it is increasing contributions to the employees 401(k)s. this is great news. we knew it would happen, those of us at least on team trump. if we pulled back government, restrained regulations, we could unleash the power and dynamism of economist. stuart, we are so much better than the decade of slow growth we had. we'll get back to 198s, 199 '90s style growth. it is about time. stuart: steve, president trump promoting tax plan to speech to farmers yesterday in tennessee. roll at that tape. >> small and mid-sized businesses will receive massive tax cuts.
10:07 am
it's a lot of the folks in this room. [applause] they will be able to deduct 20% of their business income. all american businesses including american farmers will be able to deduct 100% of the cost of new equipment in the year you make the investment. stuart: joining us now, congressman rod blum, republican from iowa, clearly a farm state. what's president trump doing -- we just heard from the president, all right, tax cuts the ability to write off all investments immediately. what else is the president doing that farmers really like? >> good morning, stuart. grad to be on your show again today. president trump has been tremendous for the farm economy. not only by reducing taxes because sometimes we forget farmers are small businesses, stuart. but also he doubled this new tax bill, the doubled amount you can
10:08 am
exempt on the death tax, up to $22 million. iowa farmland is selling for $7,000 an acre. 3,000-acre farm, you're at $21 million. he will be very good on trade, negotiating with mexico and canada. he reduce the regulations like waters of the u.s. act which was so generous to iowa farmers. done many great things to renewables. epa wanted to reduce the rfs standards. the president stepped in and overruled director pruitt, that we will keep the standards where they are at. one year, stuart into the administration has been very good for the farm community in iowa. stuart: congressman, you are proposing a new package of bills that you say would drain the swamp. cut the pay of lawmakers if the budget wasn't balanced. banned first-class flights for congress. includes term limits. we'll show on the screen bullet
10:09 am
points what you're looking for here. i have got to say, sir, you don't have a prayer getting this thing passed. i know you're laughing. get reasonable here, it will not happen, is it? >> media, believe it or not stuart, ask me that question every single time. i reply asking turkey if they would vote for thanksgiving. i know it is tough around uphill battle. when i'm back in iowa, stuart, i run those bullet points you had on the screen by iowan citizens they overwhelmingly agree with each and everyone. 70, 80% of americans want the swamp to get drained. they would vote for these reforms if we could put it to a vote for the citizens. all i'm asking for we get a vote on the floor of the house. i'm hopeful there is a new sheriff in town, president trump. one of his big campaign promises, stuart, was to drain the swamp. i'm hopeful with him here, at least we get a term limits vote
10:10 am
or cut the pay of congresspeople if we don't balance the budget. how long do you think it would take the balance the budget if congressional members pay was getting cut? stuart: about 20 second. >> i would say overa weekend. we would have the budget balanced. stuart: always good to see you. >> always good to see you, stuart. stuart: the president is ending protected status for 200,000 salvadorans who came back after here after the earthquake in 2001. i don't think that is a good idea, steve. to throw out or expel 200,000 people. i think america is a huge generous country. i don't think this fits the bill. what say you? >> well, stuart, i'm glad you asked me about this. there is so much misreporting on this issue. a lot of people believe these are refugees, that they fled el salavador because of
10:11 am
earthquake there. that is not reality. they were already here in the united states 17 years ago. most of them illegally. what the united states did with great compassion because the homeland is ravaged we'll not make you return there, not deport you, even though many are deportable by our law. we showed great compassion. that doesn't mean you spend the rest of your life in the united states while you were here illegally there was a tragedy back home. to me that doesn't make any sense. regarding the compassion, what the government is doing saying you have a whole year-and-a-half you are still a legal resident. you can work and plan how to return home. but i think once the people know the truth of that, that these aren't refugees, it's a very difficult topic. stuart: that is a fair point to raise. steve court test, always a pleasure. thanks for being with us, sir. >> thank you, sir. stuart: what a huge and great game last night. ashley: yes. stuart: alabama won the national championship in overtime by the way. coach nick saban celebrating winning his sixth ring. there were more celebrations in order. alabama offensive lineman popped
10:12 am
the question to his girlfriend. there you go, look at that. he said the plan was contingent on the win. by the way, she said yes. how fortunate, on national television. former google employee who sent out the diversity memo. he is suing google for discrimination against conservatives. his lawyer is with us. later this hour, you will meet pepper, sprint's latest employee. a customer service robot that uses sensors, cameras, voice recognition to interact with you. you're watching the second hour of "varney & company". liz: cool stuff. ♪ with expedia, you can book a flight, then add a hotel, and save. ♪ everything you need to go. expedia
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stuart: 45 minutes into the trading session this tuesday morning we're up 45 points on the dow. 25,338. now this, look at twitter
10:16 am
please. it says it will run live coverage the 2018 world cup. that is the soccer tournament, takes place this sumner russia. you can watch it on twitter. i thought the stock would be up but no, it is down 23 cents. how about this? long island blockchain to the upside by the tune of 23%. it will not go ahead with a public stock offer being, oh, no, but it will still buy 1000 bitcoin mining machines, as it had previously announced. up 24% now, sick bucks a share. fired google employee james damore is now suing google for discrimination. roll that tape. >> there is continued harrassment and career sabotage of anyone that express as conservative viewpoint and there's constant shaming and attacks against white men within silicon valley and this has, this creates a really toxic
10:17 am
environment at google and it's really hurting google's employees, google and everyone that uses google's products because it seeps into their products. stuart: okay, you heard it right there. bring on hamid dylan, that is damore's lawyer. she joins us now. what is your client alleging that google did? discrimination because he is a male or he is a white or is conservative or all three? >> well it is actually all three, stuart, and it is on behalf of a class. james is one of the named plaintiffs. there is a second named plaintiff who fits the same criteria. so actually you could be a woman and part of this class if you're conservative or be a person of color and part of this class if you're a man who is not one of the favored categories. it isn't just a white man's lawsuit as some in the media wrongfully put it. this is what we're looking for
10:18 am
the equal application of the discrimination laws in the united states and california specifically applied to everybody and in silicon valley it is become legitimate to discriminate against one class of people and that is the class james represents and that is not acceptable in america. stuart: it is very hard to balance things out, isn't it? because if a white male conservative gets the job, other people may say, wait a minute he got the job because he is a white male conservative. if a woman gets the job, she got the job because she is a woman. you see how it goes here? are we in for endless lawsuits trying to unbalance a uneven playing field? >> we have endless lawsuits already. when you read the complain, 160 pages of very detailed allegations of google's practice, they openly shame groups that have too many white men. stuart: can you give me an example of openly shaming? >> there are multiple examples in the complaint, stuart. for example there is tgif meeting which is weekly
10:19 am
all-hands meeting where two female executives led a program to call out different business units at google and if that business unit had equal men and women, they would be applauded, and if they didn't have equal men and women they were booed. if you read the complaint, you will see there are numerous examples of nasty rhetoric about men being dumb, white people being toxic, et cetera. that type of rhetoric is allowed to flourish at google. all the materials in the complaint come from google's internal messaging system that is acceptable to 80,000 employees. obviously that type of thing is unfair. they shouldn't allow that anymore than they should allow racism against blacks or latinos or gay people or any other proteched category. stuart: what is the next step? have you achieved class-action status, or is that where you're going with this. >> we just filed yesterday. there is long process.
10:20 am
google can move to dismiss, they can move to deny classification. i'm sure they will fight the lawsuit pretty hard because the stakes are high for google and other high-tech companies in silicon valley. it's a common practice. stuart: do you want money or a different system of employment? >> i'm sure if james was in it for money we might have already been able to resolve this case and my other clients. that is not what they're in it for. they are in it to change the environment, there are guys in their careers, we have women involved in the case, their names are not used, they want to work long careers in silicon valley without fear as being google executives threatened, blacklisted, not just black listed from google and blacklisted and blackballed from silicon valley. there are countless stories that people will tell you including some recounted in the our complaint in graphic detail about it being acceptable at google for executives to threaten to, to actually physically blacklist and block conservatives from the internal
10:21 am
system at google. stuart: this is fascinating. >> it is shocking. stuart: yes it is. representing james damore. we appreciate you being with us. i want to follow up on this want to see progress you're making. thank you. >> you got it. thank you. stuart: here is what is coming up for you. potentially this is a breakthrough. north korea says they will send a delegation that will include athletes and journalists, going to the winter olympics in the south, that means south korea. we'll deal with that in a moment. ♪ whoooo.
10:22 am
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stuart: north korea is sending a delegation to next month's
10:25 am
winter olympics in south korea. what is a delegation? ashley: a delegation would include athletes, spectators a cheerleading team. i'm surprised that north korea has cheerleading teams and there is a cheerleading team at winter olympics. at least they're talking. two sides are holding talks to different fuss tensions along the border. whoever anything concrete, south korea says you have to cut back, tough stop this nuclear weapons program that you are threatening the peninsula with. north korea has been apparently very non-committal on that, just saying we are committed to peace within the korean peninsula. in other words no-go on that particular issue. however they reopened the military hotline. there is a phone line between the two countries. it has been down for two years of the first time they're talking in two years. there is a good sign there. i have already seen backlash of north korea being allowed into
10:26 am
the winter olympics. it is illegitimate regime. it is humanitarian dictatorship, that treats its people very badly. should not be allowed into the olympics. this is where we are right now. liz: any high-level defectors into north korea? that has happened in the past at olympics games. stuart: they will be guarded very closely. a big theme at consumer electronic show going on in vegas, self-driving cars. who is winning that race? our tech watcher gene munster is there and he will report back to us who is winning the self-driving car race. back in a second. ♪
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
♪ stuart: every single day halfway through the show, 10:30, without fail, trying to get me to smile, so they play some beatles. it works. look at this. this will bring a smile to your face. the dow at the high of the day, up 90 points, 25,375. now it is up 93. okay, look at that. 94. okay, we'll take it. how about the big tech names. they are down a little bit. amazon holding on to $2 gain. alphabet, loss, apple, minor decline. we have visa and darden, that is the parent of olive garden. boeing makes good on tax cut promises. visa raising the 401(k) match for employees.
10:31 am
darden says it will invest $20 million in their workforce. red robin going other way. they are cutting out busboys because of rising minimum wage in many locations. market doesn't like that. red robin is down 1% as we speak. big deal, consumer electronics show is underway in las vegas. gene munster, luke managing partners is there. gene, i want to talk about the battle for smart speakers, google's home versus amazon's alexa. in your judgment which is better? >> google home is remarkably better than alexa. stuart, before i get into that, i want to give credit to mark, will, steve, from the luke research ventures team they powered through 800 queries on the smart speakers to get us the results. so drum roll please. google home properly announced the correct results 81% of the
10:32 am
time. that compares to alexa at 64% of the time. microsoft's cortana at 56% of the time. so comfortable lead for google home in the smart speaker market. stuart: very important market i believe. that is how you get computers no your house and respond to them directly. big deal, right? >> it is a huge deal and really plays into the whole theme of artificial intelligence and we call natural language interface. here at cesa -- ces ai is a huge theme the best example of is a these speakers. stuart: self-driving car market is big deal and at ces in vegas. nvidia is the latest company in the self-driving car movement, partnering with wv. who is the latest to win the race for self-driving wars? >> there are two-ways to play
10:33 am
this. you're exactly right. i was at a dinner, nvidia was one of the speakers there, two-ways to play this. one is to play the arms supplier to the arms race. nvidia is the best way. they not only have a chip but a stack of software that runs on top of it. if you play who is building autonomous systems i think number one player is still tesla, and the number two, this will be a surprise for a lot of people is a start-up company called aurora. they're led by sterling anderson. for those that don't know, sterling anderson, he ran the autopilot at tesla. they have got a huge amount of brain tech there at aurora. i think you will hear more from them. they had announcement from volkswagen hyundai yesterday. more from them and i think they will be one of the winners. stuart: here is something i have to raise from you. i am hearing, this is pure speculation but i'm hearing about apple may be thinking about issuing a special dividend thanks to the tax breaks they're
10:34 am
getting from this tax deal. have you heard anything at all about this? >> haven't heard anything but it is the most logical use case for apple's cash. to put some quick numbers, they will probably repatriate after they pay their expenses around $220 billion. the majority of that will be share buyback and probably ongoing dividend but would make sense they would give a special dividend. would i caution that we probably wouldn't hear about that dividend until they report the march quarter, sometime early in april. that is usually when they give the updates on capital allocation. stuart: you could make the same speculation about microsoft for example which also has tons of money lodged overseas which will be brought back. again there will be, i suspect there, is speculation they will put it into the stock in the form of a dividend or a stock buyback. you could make the speculation about all the big tech companies, couldn't you? >> you could. and one of the theories too is, maybe they used this for some
10:35 am
sort of increased m&a. these big tech companies aren't starved for cash right now so i think if you add outrageous more amounts of cash to their balance sheet i don't think they think about m&a back to your point i think this probably comes to dividend or buyback, most investors see benefits of this. stuart: i have a minute, less than 45 seconds. i want you to tell me what was the most stunning thing that you have seen at the electronics show in vegas this year? >> most stunning thing was a billboard for a smart toilet from kohler. the reason i was stunned by it, we'll see ai and automation everywhere. stuart: i wasn't expecting that. >> beyond that, i would say, stuart, beyond that, stuart i think what is going on around transportation autonomy is probably going to stun most people. there are a billion cars on the road. there are $10 trillion a year
10:36 am
spent on transportation. this will be upended. the analogy we like to use, these are horses on the road when you see cars today. i can't emphasize that enough. i think autonomy is a big part. stuart: i can't imagine it. gene, thanks very much for joining us. always good information. appreciate you being with us. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: i want to move to the college football championship game. look at this, alabama beat georgia on a 41-yard touchdown in overtime. it was the back up quarterback. freshman, he is the hero. he threw the pass. joining us brian kilmeade, on the "brian kilmeade show." a, brian, that was a fabulous game. b, no anthem kneelers, it was a triumph for college football and celebration for patriotic america. are you with me on all three? >> yes. very risky, i'm sure you have president walking out before the game. we know he is popular in georgia.
10:37 am
not necessarily in atlanta. we know he is popular in the south but not necessarily with the next generation. he walks out in front of a lot of college students in many cases and he could have got booed, could have been embarrassing. he got cheered. listened live. i listened over and over again. people say it was smattering with boos. i would contest only reason there were boos, because people were forced stay outside and secret service had to sweep the place and pouring rain. mercedes stadium had a roof on it, so there was no problem. it was a great night, great football. great story. stuart: can you pronounce the name of the stand-in quarterback. >> yes. tua tagovailoa. he is from hawaii. check this out. after trailing 13-0 at half, nick saban decides to do something i think is relatively, it is unbelievably gutsy, especially for a veteran coach who says this usually doesn't work out. he changes quarterbacks. he changes quarterbacks at half.
10:38 am
it was originally three and out. things began to shift. this guy has great elusive ability. a true freshman out of hawaii. shows reach of alabama and recruiting arms of alba. they're watching tape on this kid. he will be around, you would imagine for another couple years. this is the year alabama wasn't necessarily supposed to win it especially after that loss to you a burn. stuart: i liked to watch football on television. this season i've been watching a lot more college football because the games are bert and i don't have to put up with the anthem nonsense. this game last night seems to be a triumph of college football and another setback for the nfl. would you go that far? >> talking about last week's wild card weekend ratings. there were a couple really good games. one was terrible to watch. that was jacksonville over buffalo 10-6. the ratings for the most part were down over 10% across the board on a very exciting weekend traditionally in the nfl.
10:39 am
the ability, zenith in minneapolis, wonderful city, not in the winter. even though there is roof on the stadium. it will not be a huge attraction like miami, arizona, others in warm citi fields. so warm stadiums. so, this is going to be a tough, this has been a tough year for the nfl. this is a huge wake-up call for them. they got to sit down with the union and work this thing out immediately. stuart: do you understand the significance of amazon maybe streaming premier league soccer and twitter probably carrying world cup games this summer? >> i will go into your expertise. they have more money, more backing than the networks. and word is that espn might not even bid for the nfl. so if amazon gets into a bidding war, nfl go what they always do, go with the highest number, we have to switch to amazon. are we ready to do that? does netflix want to get into that? does twitter want to get into that? they're already part of it.
10:40 am
they have been experimenting with it. a lot of networks say i can't keep staffing for cable if people are cutting the cord and can't get remuneration for it. can't monetize it. i believe that is where we're heading. the question will the nfl push us there? or will networks push them out. it no longer makes sense because the audience is shrinking and that they're diversifying. stuart: fascinating subject. you're on top of it. kilmeade, you're all right. see soon. >> see you soon, stuart. stuart: yes, you will. medical update from house majority whip steve scalise. he just tweeted this. as part of my ongoing recovery i will undergo a planned surgery tomorrow. i'm incredibly humbled by the outpouring of support and appreciate your continued prayers. congressman scalise is a friend of this program and which wish him a very speedy recovery. in the next hour, a medical marvel. the company uses fluid from
10:41 am
childbirth to heal major wound. yes, we will tell you about that. first president trump preparing for a possible meeting with robert mueller. our next guest said from the beginning that mueller has a major conflict of interest and calls this investigation shameful. former fbi assistant director james kallstrom next. today we're out here with some big news. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill proven to both significantly reduce the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event in adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower your a1c. wow. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, tiredness, and trouble breathing. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away
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♪ ashley: u.s. stock markets continue to break new record highs but according to democrats it is just the rich getting richer. senator john kennedy though disagrees. roll tape. >> something like 90% of the members of the middle class in our country are going to get a pay raise, to say nothing about doubling the standard deduction. i mean, this bill is going to help every american. every american business. look, i think what is going on with the stock market is great but equally important is the fact that you are going to see wages go up. we've already started to see it. as businesses grow, they hire more people. that puts pressure on wages. frankly, my biggest concern about all of this, and i don't want to overstate this, i don't want to see the economy
10:44 am
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10:45 am
stuart: not quite the high of the day but we're up there. 71 points, 72 points higher. we were up 100 couple moments ago but we'll settle for 72 on the upside. we should call this the oprah effect. weight watchers stock is up again today. that is a five-year high. oprah is weight watchers spokesperson. she owns 10% of the company. this latest rally is because i
10:46 am
guess, right, because she is -- liz: speculation. stuart: speculation about the presidency. ashley: by association. stuart: it was up five or 10% yesterday? ashley: 10% yesterday. stuart: 5% today. 54.95 at the moment. ashley: she does anything it is great for business. liz: time of year though, right? time of year, new year's resolutions. stuart: whatever you say. now this, president trump is preparing for a possible interview with special counsel robert mueller. former fbi assistant director james kallstrom is with us now. he knows a lot about this stuff. what do you make of this? should the president answer questions directly from mueller? >> my view is absolutely not. he has great counsel, jay sekulow. is probably as good a counsel as he could get. the whole thing in my view is a fraud that is, laid on the american public for going on two years now. i mean this fifth column, this whole business, it's clear now there was a conspiracy involving
10:47 am
i hate to say people in the fbi. comey and his sycophants around him that have clearly talked about their purpose in life was to stop trump from getting elected. if he got elected, to institute the insurance policy. and that insurance policy in my view, and i think the view of anyone reasonable that looks at it, was to basically have this fraud investigation against donald trump, to make his policies ineffective. they haven't been as successful because trump is a junkyard dog. as i said on here earlier on this show, he is not going to be deterred by all this bs and all this fake news. this is a drastic change in american politics as rotten as it has been in the past. stuart: you're right. >> when you have, you know, a whole domain of people, you know, in this fifth column, the media, the morons in washington,
10:48 am
in hule -- hollywood, all schools putting this stuff in the minds of students and corrupt people in the government doing this thing, why should the president of the united states be interviewed when no one has determined there was even a crime? bob mueller is operating under a statute that he wasn't authorized to even accept. that statute says there must be articulated crime. there was not an articulated crime. that was a counterintelligence investigation conducted by the fbi. not a criminal matter. and that has not changed. there has never been an articulated crime. number two, it says very clearly, no one should be appointed to this counsel's position who has a conflict of interest, or even the appearance of a conflict of interest. bob mueller has a conflict of interest as long as the jersey turnpike. you know, they're friends. how copossibly accept that position? you know i thought he was a pretty honable guy -- never mind
10:49 am
the deputy attorney general not putting any fence around what he was to do. not have any parameters whatsoever. it's a disgrace. the president, it is obscene it is even going this far. stuart: you know, it is more than just this. you have got russia, russia, russia. you don't like that. you have the cabal within the justice department of the fbi trying to support hillary and going against trump. you have got that going on. you have also got this pay-to-play investigation of the clinton foundation. that is a third element, isn't it? >> there is no question that the clinton foundation is organized, not organized but criminal conspiracy. i investigated the rico statute for years in the fbi and i mean this puts our investigations of organized crime to shame from the standpoint of how it operated. i mean just a giant slush fund. get a bunch of gulf stream 5s, buy around the world, buy wedding gowns, pay for weddings,
10:50 am
the tiny little amount of money goes to charity, i even question if those are charities, i think that is preposterous. why the irs has not come down on them earlier is beyond me. it is no question it is a criminal conspiracy. the all the other things. uncovering of names, uranium one thing, all the stuff we're yet to hear from. stuart: you're fired up about this and i'm not surprised. james kallstrom, thanks for bringing your fear to this program. we appreciate it james. >> thank you very much. happy new year. stuart: all right. the consumer electronics show in vegas unveiling the technology of the future. next, pepper, that would be sprint's latest employee which happens to be a robot. they say it can tell your mood. how about that? back in a second. ashley: uh-oh. e interior, everything exactly how i want it. here's the thing: just because i configured this car online doesn't mean it really exists at a dealership, but with truecar, i get real pricing
10:51 am
on actual cars in my area. i see what others paid for them, and they show me the ones that match the car i want, so i know i can go to a truecar-certified dealer and it'll be right there waiting for me... today, right now. this is truecar.
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♪ ashley: how about that for a fancy graphic. back to vegas. consumer electronics show. artificial intelligence is a big theme. right there on your screen, meet pepper, humanoid robot, i assuming a she. could be a he. the spent president joins us now. jan, you're right there next to pepper. pepper is a little smaller than you. tell me about pepper. what can pepper do?
10:55 am
>> pepper is a great member of our staff. we deploy pepper into our retail stores for sprint. pepper is actually a robot that can manage to read the mood of our customers by using its sensors. so pepper sees and reads if people are happy or people are angry and can react accordingly. so pepper will help us in our retail stores to deal with customers and deal with situations where we have to consult customers and you know, consult them on new products and new plans and so on. so it is very exciting to work with pepper as a great example of how iot, the internet of things, comes to life. ashley: jan can you ask pepper whether robots will take over the world from humans? >> [laughter]. if you look at such a friendly guy, right. you wouldn't be afraid of her or him. pepper is a tool that is powered with artificial intelligence. it's produced by our parent
10:56 am
company, softbank. softbank robotics has deployed pepper in japan first. now we enter into the u.s. market and sell it to our customers as well. so no fear. pepper is a friendly robot. ashley: she seems very friendly. can you actually ask the robot, pepper there, jan, will robots replace humans, can you can? >> pep letter, do you think robots will replace humans? i don't think pepper doesn't understand the question to be honest. so don't be afraid of that. ashley: okay. obviously pepper has got other things to worry about. jan, thank you so much for joining us from vegas. fascinating stuff. >> thank you for having us. ashley: pepper, you're in a good mood. guess what, three humans are up next for the third hour of "varney." don't go away.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
>> i want to show you something.
11:00 am
i can't put it on the screen because it so long. it's so long. 15 pages laid out of all the companies who have passed along their tax savings to employees. hundreds of companies and it added up to a million workers who get bonuses of a thousand dollars or more for wage increases. the list grows daily. the left says this is peanuts. windowed dressing to make the president look good. there's no pleasing some people. they should ask those 1 million workers if they want to give the money back. now consider this. america's top banker called and said these tax cuts will be used to grow business, hire people, raise wages and increase in development. he is a development and he i
11:01 am
-- he is a democrat and telling people they are wrong. tax cuts are not giveaway. they stimulate the economy. last night the president told the story of a police officer whose 4o1k is up 39%. 54million americans have a 4o1k. here is my question. with this obvious success for tax-cut, will the democrats run on tax increases? what will oprah do? the third hour of varney and company is about to begin. president trump is meeting with senators from both parties. they are talking integration. what do you have blake? >> 20 different lawmakers are
11:02 am
set to sit down with president trump at the white house. this is a bipartisan group. twelve republicans, eight democrats. you have members from the house and senate. the top two for the democrats and republicans won't be here but the number two across the board will be here to speak with the president. this is a pretty simple formula for the white house. they want the wall built, they want to see the visa lottery program reformed and they want to see an end to chain migration and a daca fix and potentially wrap it all up with a funding bill. i can tell you, here at the white house they will be submitting to them specific proposals, granular details always puts me on issues like what they will be asking for on the wall, detainees at the border, ending loopholes and
11:03 am
shame migration and the number of ice age and set the trump administration wants to see at the border. >> what fascinated me is the big four are not at this meeting. i'm talking mitch mcconnell, charles schumer and nancy pelosi. they're not there. >> at hoyer for the democrats and mccarthy and cornyn for the republicans will be here. we've got kind of the number two across the board and the way they see this list earlier today, they feel this group of 20 is a group that can actually get a deal done. >> got it. thank you blake. see you soon. let's get back to the top of the hour where i was talking about this long list of companies which are passing along their savings to their tax bill to their employees. it's a long list. edward joins us now. the people on the left are saying this is just windowdressing. it's peanut spread the not giving much back to the workers.
11:04 am
what is your response to that? >> i say they are absolutely wrong. those million people and their families are enjoying the benefit of donald trump's christmas present in terms of the tax reform bill and let me remind you also, it was mid-november when i was on your show and i said things are going so well with the economy. we will hit dow jones 25000 by the end of the year. i'm sorry, i was off by four days. anyway, we did it and things are really looking good across the board. we are hearing from entrepreneurs involved with us to say yes, this is what we need, we will expand and grow and hire more people. this is great. >> we also hear from the left that this great break the stock market rally just benefits the rich. you want to deal with that one? >> yes, of course. donald trump's visit with the police officer whose ira was
11:05 am
up by 39%, across-the-board, everybody is finding that the stock market helps everybody because we have private retirement plans that go back to the reagan era that let everybody participate and be part of a growing u.s. economy. that's what it's all about. how do we encourage the private sector and don't assume that all income belongs to the government. >> you know it drives me crazy, all this good stuff is just not reported. i'm looking at the front page of the new york times today and it's about russia, it's about eliminating protection and it goes downhill from there. why is this not being reported? what's what's going on? we all know what's wrong with fake news in the mainstream media and, well, this problem, i have friends from salvador who came in when those earthquakes hit, my gosh, that
11:06 am
was 20 years ago. this was supposed to be a temporary program. this was not permanent asylum or permanent immigration status. the way laws are being interpreted is just pretty goofy and that's why some of these good judicial appointments will make things balance out and remind people that the rule of law applies to everybody and democrats have to realize that too. i hope certainly that chuck schumer and dick durbin, number two on the senate side are going to come up with something that really deals with immigration effectively. >> don't be a stranger to the show. just because you have no longer, he retired from heritage, we want more of those stock market predictions. come back soon. >> good stuff. we do have a stock market rally. look at this. we are now up 67 points at 25350. by the way, all-time highs for the dow, the s&p, the nasdaq
11:07 am
all over again today. come in. ron carson with the ron carson group. we are in the middle of a big market rally. everybody knows it. i want you to tell me where you are putting your clients money. what are you advising them to buy? i believe number one at citigroup. what's so good about it? >> citigroup is actually has a lot of underperforming assets so they improve their balance sheet. on top of that you have rising interest rates which will be really beneficial to citigroup. it's a name that everybody is comfortable with them been around a long time. we think we can make some pretty good progress. we also like ebay. after sending off paypal, the management group is focused on growth, revitalizing growth, they play second fiddle to amazon but this is a dramatically more undervalued way to play that space. overall, you like citigroup and ebay, you're telling
11:08 am
your clients by those two stock. overall we are at 25356. you expect another leg up from here? >> i was on the show about six weeks ago, i missed 25000 by four days. the market in here, i hate about what we think about the market, buying individual companies is what it's all about. i was just at the championship game over the past three days talking to business owners, they are feeling great. they are optimistic, their business is amazing and so i've not seen this kind of optimism in a long time. but be careful there is definitely a difference between what could be expensive and not expensive. we love international, we like value so i think you need to be surgical where you go. i don't think you can just buy the market blindly and expect to do well. you have to pay more attention
11:09 am
to where you are going to invest. >> did you just say you were at the championship game last night. >> i was. >> real fast, what was the reception for president trump. was it as strong as everyone says? >> it was really great. i wondered what was going to be like walking in and the crowd went crazy. of course, here we just had unprecedented gift at christmas time and a lot of people out there say how does that impact me. the median wage earner is going to benefit by more than $2000. that significant. they should be excited because finally he is getting a lot of government out of our lives and letting businesses actually function which is a good thing for america and it's a good thing for everybody. >> ron carson, always a pleasure. thank you for joining us. i'm glad you enjoyed the game. this, you had a little bit about this last hour. cola introducing a line of bathroom appliances that work with amazon voice assistant
11:10 am
alexa. it includes a shower, bathtub, toilet, mere, sink. talk to your phone, turn on your shower. amazon stock hitting another all-time high. >> i can only imagine you trying that. we've got red robin on the screen. the gourmet burger, they are eliminating busboys on all of their 570 restaurants. why would they do that? because of minimum wage hikes. red robin says it expects to save about $8 million this year from that move. now this. ceo brian is being investigated for fraud. he sold $39 million worth of intel stock before telling the public about big flaws at the company. an amazing medical procedure, a company using placenta, the fluid from birth to heal major wounds. the ceo of the company dubbed
11:11 am
the trump of georgia, that's what he's known as pretty as next. if the live action happening this hour, president trump's meeting with senators from both parties to talk about immigration and the dreamers. it's all happening now in the third hour of burning company. "varney and company". ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ there it is. this is how buying a used car should be. this is truecar. ♪
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11:14 am
elon musk spacex, a u.s. spy satellite is reportedly a total loss. it failed to make it into orbit. the falcon nine carried it but it didn't separate from the rocket. it plunged back to the atmosphere. a big setback for spacex in
11:15 am
the company that built the satellite. now this. a medical company is using placenta, the fluid from birth to heal. it is called med acts. this has got me intrigued. you literally put placenta onto a major wound and it helps that heal? is it as simple as that? >> well it has a little more complexity, but it's pretty simple. we collect placenta in the amniotic membrane that comes with it from term c-section. we manufacture that into graphs and mother nature has put 500 proteins in that tissue and those proteins to all kinds of things to help wounds heal, reduce scar tissue formation and reduce inflammation. it's been very effective and cost-effective for us. >> this is fascinating. it's already in operation?
11:16 am
this is not some proposal? it's happening now? >> we just shipped a million allograft the summer. we've been in business ten years and had very rapid growth. we will be up near 400 million in revenues this year and expect that kind of growth rate to continue for a while. >> now i'm sure you know this, but the medical device tax is back this year. surely the medical device tax is not applied to placenta or your product, or is it? >> that's correct. we are tissue product and we are not in the device restrictions so that hasn't been a concern. >> i do have to ask you about the game last night. you have often been called the trump of georgia. president trump was in atlanta for the ncaa championship game. i know you were not there, but i think you were watching. it seems to me president trump just walked right into his
11:17 am
base. correct? >> i think he did. as we all know he has very strong work ethic. i don't know if he sleeps more than a few hours a night. for him to get a chance to get out and meet his base at a national event like that was very refreshing. i'm sure he enjoyed it and i think the crowd probably enjoyed him being there. >> how do you react to this constant drumbeat of criticism that the president is mentally unstable. >> i just saw last weekend the winston churchill movie and i've often compared him to winston churchill. winston was not always the most popular, he didn't always say things that people enjoyed hearing, but he was a man of the hour and i think that's what we have with president trump. he is a business executive, he's not a politician. there are a lot of things that needed to be rearranged and refocused on the new processes developed in washington to get what america needed to get back on and that's the right
11:18 am
track with some business knowledge associated with it. >> i take it that your medical company will get some advantages, some extra money because of the tax deal. will you tell us what you're going to do with that extra money? >> actually we put about a memorandum the day after the deal was passed by congress explaining it to our employees and telling them that first of all there would be some raises coming. associated with that, particularly our hourly employees and other employees at and get benefits and the other benefits coming along as the company saw the extra cash flow from those tax cuts. it is going to be beneficial to all american. >> the trump of georgia who i think is in san francisco at the moment, come on back to the side and we will have you back on the show. thanks a lot. >> stuart, thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> about this one. north korea will send a delegation of athletes,
11:19 am
cheerleaders and diplomats to the winter olympics in south korea next month. it will include athletes and cheerleaders along with coaches. the announcement came as the company meant for the first high-level talks in two years. the u.s. will also send a high-level delegation that may include vice president pence. listen to this. twitter and fox sports teamed up on the 2018 world cup. that's a soccer tournament. big deal this summer. you will be able to watch world cup soccer games on twitter. the stock however, is down a fraction. they are unveiling their first all electric car today at the consumer electric show in vegas. the motion sedan features gold wing style doors in a battery that can take you 400 miles on one full charge. nine minutes of charging gets you 150-mile range. what's the price tag?
11:20 am
it's $129,000. >> look at this. snow covering the red dunes of the sahara desert. i've never seen him before. 16 inches of snow. it's only the third time in nearly four decades that snow has fallen there. you get everything on the show. you sure do. snow in the sahara. we will be back. building a website in under an hour is easy with gocentral...
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...from godaddy! in fact, 68% of people who have built their... using gocentral, did it in under an hour, and you can too. build a better website - in under an hour. with gocentral from godaddy.
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look at this. we are up exactly 100 points, 25383 to be precise. that is where we are. that is just about the high of the day thus far. breaking news, former arizona running for the senate. he announced it in a tweet. i am running for one unwavering reason, to support the agenda and policies of president donald trump and his mission to make america great again. we have kelly ward who is running for the same seat on this program tomorrow. take a look at these pictures. they are new. they're from jupiter.
11:25 am
they were taken by nassau juneau spacecraft as it completed its tenth trip around the planet. they say the planet shows clouds and the changing surface. >> it looks more like modern art. >> this is video from massachusetts. it showed ocean bay frozen over. they could safely walk on it. it's just the third time in 80 years that this bay on cape cod has done that. will you look at it. a chinese company is unveiling an electric car that uses facial recognition to unlock doors. the company's name is by con. the suv $45000. it also has amazon alexa in store and a 49-inch screen across the back. i don't get it.
11:26 am
[inaudible] meanwhile the front rally rolls on. we are up 100. we will be back. copd makes it hard to breathe.
11:27 am
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11:30 am
president trump meets with senators from both parties talking immigration and the dreamers. any headlines, you will get them real fast. this meeting comes after an elite memo, center for american progress which says they will need the dreamers votes if they are going to win elections in the future. look chad, it seems to me that that leaked memo gives the president some more leverage because these dreamers mean so much to the democrats, they will cave, i think, on building a wall, ending chain migration and ending the lottery. what say you? >> this will all come down to what the presidents except
11:31 am
down the road. how much will the republicans given on daca and what will democrats give in on border security. those are the two key components. to bring that into the midterm election issue, that's not always the case. keep in mind midterm elections are about looking backwards. presidential elections look forward, these look backward. will people be looking at the tax reform bill? with a view that as a negative or positive? i can look at four or five seeds that could be in play and darrell issa could be in play. that helps republicans, helps democrats get on track toward winning the house. here's the problem. they need to win in these rural districts in ohio and indiana and iowa, places where democrats haven't performed wellin a big time for that's where border issue is important and daca is not very important.
11:32 am
>> it's all about the hispanic vote. can we reduce it to that. >> it could be, but keep in mind who votes in the midterm election. a lot of times you have the more highly educated, these are the people who are more reliable, not so much the trump voter who showed up in 2016 so if you don't have the trump voter showing up and you have the suburban educated, especially women coming up to vote in northern virginia, that's an area where daca and hispanic vote just outside washington d.c. could be a major issue. >> of the list here. just a way that because they can't get it all on the screen. this is 15 pages listing all of the companies which are giving bonuses or higher wages to their workers because of the new tax law. visa and garden join this list. the left they look. this is just window dressing. it's peanuts. were not giving very much back. do you think the democrats can
11:33 am
win in november by opposing the tax deal? >> keep in mind who called the tax bill armageddon. nancy pelosi. and guess who would stand for speaker if democrats get the house back? nancy pelosi. remember what republicans didn't to any ten when they iran for the house and got it back in that historic election where they 163 seats, they demonized nancy pelosi but i would suspect they would hear a lot about quote again if republicans think they have successfully sold the tax bill. >> well said. thank you for joining us. now, intel ceo brian can manage is a securities fraud investigation, that's what he's facing, and a class action lawsuit. let me briefly explain this. it's all about the sale of stock by the ceo right before adverse news about intel's problems was released.
11:34 am
>> news with which he was probably intimately familiar. he collected a cool 39 million on the sale of the stock and shareholders are suing, saying why did you tell us. why didn't you keep this information to yourself. it appears there also investigating to see whether this is a violation of insider trading. if all this happened it's a classic case of insider trading. whether you think they're good or bad for the economy, they are the law and you can trade. >> and i just raise one caveat. as i understand that, the stock sale by the ceo was prearranged, pre-timed. it was set in place way before any word of an adverse news movement inside intel. >> i don't know the nature and extent of whether he could've stopped it. i don't know if the sec will find if he had an obligation to stop it but if there's no obligation to stop it, that's a defense. >> i doubt there was no way to
11:35 am
stop it. >> i think there was probably a way to stop it. but look, he has the fiduciary obligation to serve the shareholders, not himself. the allegation, as he served himself over the shareholder. >> i know you're familiar with this one. former eagle in geneva is suing google claiming dissemination against him, white male conservative. what are your thoughts on that. >> he has a very strong case. it's class-action. it was another google engineer also fired with him but they are suing on behalf of all similarly situated people in the country. they have about 160 pages of internal google e-mail which show a pronounced discrimination on the basis of gender, male and politics, conservative from the highest aspects of google down to mid-level management. they have almost a slamdunk case. >> really.
11:36 am
>> yes or they should pay him some money so he goes away because it's gonna get bigger and bigger as it becomes a class action and potentially more plaintiffs. >> he's not asking for money. i think he just going to court to show he's right. >> that, the courts don't like. if he was harmed financially they will compensate him for his harm. but they don't like to be used to make a point. [laughter] >> all right, i'll take that. you're alright. thank you. southern california getting hit with its first major rainstorm of the year. well, it's only january the ninth. the storm is leading to flash flood in a mudslide warning. dozens of people and send -- santa barbara have been evacuated. up to 6 inches could fall and just a few hours. related to that, weather-related disasters cost the u.s. $306 billion last
11:37 am
year. it's a new record. most of the cost are due to wildfires in california, hurricanes, harvey area. the federal government also says last year was the third warmest year since record-keeping began in 1895. china reported building a new military base in pakistan. thousands of residents will have to move to make way for the large naval and air base. this will be china's second overseas military base. the other is in the african country of djibouti let's get to market. the high of the day, 107-point up for the dow industrials. 25389. bit coin down around 14000. look at target. holiday sales strong, both online and bricks and mortar
11:38 am
store, raise their forecast for the future. upper goes 3%. american eagle outfitters sales up during the holiday. not good enough. down 4% on american eagle. urban outfitters, a decline in in-store sales over the holiday even as online sales group. down she goes. look at microsoft. they raise the target price to $115. share from 100. it's an all-time high. yes i do own a tiny thin sliver of microsoft. no trumpet for that. the trump administration expands offshore drilling opening up virtually the entire coastline. that's what they want to do. some are public and oppose it. former president of shell oil will be with us and i will ask him. do you even need to drill offshore with oil prices at $60. bail. take a look at this video from
11:39 am
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some big news at the consumer electronics sales in las vegas. toyota motors is working on autonomous vehicles, self driving vehicles. this has been spoke now but now the plans and strategies for these companies seems to be underway. in fact, toyota talked about different sizes to bring you ride services, shuttle services and deliveries. you will have to wait. we won't see these rolling out until 2020 and we are seeing toyota motor on the move today. the big picture, the self driving concept over at the auto show.
11:42 am
11:43 am
we are beginning to get some headlines from the white house. there is a big time immigration meeting in the white house as we speak. the one headline we've gotten so far is that the president said before the meeting began he wants a bipartisan agreement, meaning he wants to bring the democrats into any agreement that could be made
11:44 am
about immigration. is this the headline? okay, were getting abou a bit more. the president is also saying any deal, bipartisan or otherwise has got to end chain migration. he got that? that's a very important point to the president. the daca bill also has to allow for securing the u.s. border. the wall is needed. we been reporting this for a long time. i don't know if there's anything new. >> recent terrorist attacks, those individuals came in here through family migration policy. >> we do expect to hear from the president shortly. you know how they had the meeting with the camera and the president usually rises to the occasion and says something to the camera. we get the tape a little bit later and will run it for you immediately. standby, we are waiting for that tape. we will bring it to you as soon as it appears.
11:45 am
>> in every -- and other know knows -- it still on fire. official warned it could explode. there's concern about environmental damage. the chinese government says there is no large-scale oil leak. that trauma continues in the east china sea. president trump expanding offshore drilling, or at least he wants too. it's been met with considerable opposition from both sides here's the question. with oil at $62. barrel, will they actually drill? drilling offshore when you only get $62. barrel. john is with us now. i think this is a wonderful thing. get out there and get the resource which is ours. i don't think we are going to see much drilling at 60
11:46 am
bucks. barrel. what say you question what. >> i think you're right. i think we need a price much higher than $60. barrel. there's very little new work going on in the gulf of mexico. it is visionary policy if no future president reverses course. we will need that oil at some point. we are not going to stop using oil in this country, even with electric batteries. just look at the chemical industry. we need millions and millions of barrels. day for the industry and that's not going away. we will need the assets are offshore and by then the price will be something different. no one knows what will be ten, 20, 30 or 40 years from now. >> in the meantime, are we not relying on fracking, the new technology of going down and
11:47 am
getting more oil from shale way beneath the surface of the earth? that's where new supply is coming on stream in america, isn't it? >> yes, that's hardly the case but don't write off the gulf of mexico because it is still producing hundreds of thousands of barrels. day which is very important to us. fracking technology does get better and better, more output. well and that's good for the market people and good for the affordability for energy going forward. >> we are going to be allowed to drill in the arctic national wildlife reserve in alaska, but you expect that to happen anytime soon? >> there's been a lot of money spent in alaska offshore that is not returned to investors. i think onshore is a safer bet for everyone involved. we have the incentive of keeping the alaska, the trans- alaska pipeline sufficiently full of oil to keep it
11:48 am
operational. i think we are talking about a very small portion of a noir. i think the prospects look good, although the price of oil is still a bit iffy because you are talking new frontier, new in the structure, all that has to be paid for and $60 a barrel is little bit tight to make that happen. >> i just don't think we will return to the day of 100-dollar-barrel oil when we have all the new supply in the united states. >> well not the next two, three, four or five years, but we've got to think about longer-term. that's where the energy companies do it so well. they look out ten, 20, 30 years, which they have to, and nobody knows what's going happen with russia or venezuela or other countries in turmoil and i think we have to look out for america first and i think the whole notion of america's energy dominance is a good concept because it
11:49 am
takes care of our energy security, our national security and we really need the economic security that comes from both. so i think you have to take that long term view and that's what the companies do. >> yes, i'm all in favor. energy dominance should be ours. we've got it, let's use it. john, thanks for joining a spread we will see you again soon. >> check this out. do you know who that is? that's our very own liz checking out virtual reality in vegas. she is getting strapped into fire pterodactyl and i tell you, you get everything on this program. we will be back in a second. okavango
11:50 am
11:51 am
retail. under pressure like never before. and it's connected technology that's moving companies forward fast. e-commerce. real time inventory. virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver.
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11:53 am
have i got breaking news for you. the president is going to stick it to the elites. why? he is going to the world economic forum in switzerland. he said he welcomes the opportunity to advance his america first agenda with world leaders. the form begins at the end of this month.
11:54 am
it's full of the elites. they're all about inequality, income inequality. they are about global warming and the bomb thrower, donald trump, i just love it. that to me is the biggest news of the day. go for mr. president, go give them hell. meanwhile, the show in las vegas is underway and liz is they are testing a flying pterodactyl. >> let me tell you something, the president should be here because everybody here, i've been talking to analysts who follow tach and they have said this place, ces 2018 gives you a way better sense of the u.s. economy than anything else. i need to give you a chance to see what it's like to fly on a pterodactyl. they give you a live to her, alive fly on this thing. i'm with brian and adriana of samsung.
11:55 am
a minute put this on. the screen is up here and what's going to happen, we are nine minutes away from the front doors opening and hundred 70,480,000 people will start to flood in these doors. we are going for a ride. we will start this thing up. i am in a gyro seat. go 380 degrees. as you look, we will start with shine that i know. we're going back to jurassic or traffic, here's wincing. i'm on the back of a pterodactyl. if you beautiful moon and other dinosaurs moving around. we are flying but things are tiny things are about to get ugly as we move around. [applause] how do we know they fly like this. stuart, this is phenomenal. last year we took you on a fixed wing plane and it was exciting but i can tell you
11:56 am
they have improved this a thousandfold. these headsets are sold and shipped last year. oh, i just went through some trees. by the way, i'm shoeless. look at this, a brontosaurus. some professors going to say that's not a brontosaurus. if i die, we are about to go who knows, 180, actually you can have the mini fridge in my office if i die on the same. [applause] here's a glacier. >> liz, i'm going to rescue you right here and now. >> we are as kicking it off. the live show at 3:00 p.m. eastern with great guests and all the breaking news. >> i'm glad you got the promo in. as we count down to the closing now, liz will exit for us. okay.
11:57 am
more money after this. don't forget. we will be back
11:58 am
. . . .
11:59 am
stuart: about the meeting on immigration in the white house the president says it will get done in steps. it must be a merit based immigration system. he wants the plan to be bipartisan. wants to end chain migration. wants to keep "dreamers" here, that will be included in the deal and of course build that wall. other huge story we're breaking, president trump will go to davos, switzerland. liz: will debate billionaires. this is where billionaires tell millionaires what the middle
12:00 pm
class feels. >> game on. i want to be a flay on the wall for these meetings. stuart: bombshell in the swiss alps. stuart: i want to bo. ii want to go. can you work it so i see the bomb-thrower in chief? neil: there is a davos, new york. just let you know. right up the highway. thank you very, very much, excuse my voice here. we want to get right to this. not only president going to davos, 12 republicans, eight democrats, the top, top leadership of both parties to hammer out a broad understanding to move the talk at that thing forward. he wants a wall. democrats want daca. there doesn't appear to be middle frowned on this hey, blake. reporter: we'll hear from president trump as he makes remarks on camera, the pool photographers and


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